Music Saved Me!

By: Gregory Lewin 09/29/2013

Sometimes life throws some of the greatest challenges at us to see how well we can handle them. How well we can put one and two together and crack the code to find the message hidden within the secret messages. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. It all comes down to determination and the goals we want to achieve in life.

Sometimes life’s destiny takes us to another land to pursue our dreams and put our greatest potential to work, our God given talent and strength. Sometimes the road may seem dark and lonely but hanging tight and letting life takes its course may yield some of the greatest achievements.

All comes at a price, sometimes we have to drop friendships because of their negativity even family members may have to go at times in order for one to pursue their dreams as there is no rewind in life. You cannot say you’ll do it next time around, life is one.