Rockie Campbell

Lime Lights

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Ready To Believe
Rocking Time
Come Home
Shake It Up All Night
Lime Lights 
Together Alone
Filled With Joy
Ty Ty Ty
Those Times
It Hurts So Much
Be Your Friend
I'm Lonely No More
Ban You Belly For Me
Do You Want Me Baby

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Rockie arrived in England in 1956 and with him he brought this burning ambition to become a successful singer. He immediately joined a band and established himself as a good quality performer around the country. The "Flamingo" and the "Marquee" being some of the more popular clubs, he performed at.

After sometime things went quiet but this did not affect Rockie's strong love for music. He dicided to get a job where he was never far from the music scene. He started working as a Disc Jockey at one of the most popular clubs in London's West End, "Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. While this was an enjoyable job, Rockie made the decision to return to performing. This is when he linked up with Lindel Join and a band called "The Cyclone and Travel." Rockie was soon all over the U.K. doing a large number of gigs with artists such as Owen Gray, Pat Kelly, Derrick Morgan, Roy Alton and Barry Biggs. Established artists like Don Campbell and "The Marvels" have performed backing vocals for Rockie. 

This is the second outing on the World Sounds label and I am sure will be his most successful. 

Bill Campbell. 

Did you know the first album Rockie made was and R&B album called Rhythm and Rock? 



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