Not Enough Self Praise  

Ariel Hamilton

January 14-The days when the Bluefields man used to live upright for the sake and integrity of living upright are blowing away with the north wind. It is our duty to re-arrange this and set the example for our youths in this time. Our youths are participating in some confusing past times. These past times include destroying our town and reputation. We must remember that we are the leaders of our youths. Every time we criticize we must remember that we could be the example for there should be no criticism without a solution. The social problems that once used to happen in isolation are now knocking on everyoneís front door. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The world has her share of problems to solve. Our backs are literally against the wall. There is but one choice and that is to move forward and change this shituation.

There is no doubt that Bluefields along with the Miskito coast is going to progress. It is only natural for our little spot on this blue marble to shine and have her moment in the sun. The only question is, who will be the ones to cause our once progressive town to shine? History has taught us, what was could always be and what man has done man can do. Remember the Miskito coast was once a producer and not only a consumer. Most of the resources are still here. It is our birthright and duty to put Bluefields back on track. Every conflict to plague this country they call Nicaragua was because of the Miskito coast. Recognize and be wise, fighting each other over anything makes us look really stupid. We donít have to hold hands and walk in the streets to agree on a better tomorrow. We donít all have to attend the same church, to want what is best for our townís future. We donít have to even lead the same life style to realize a better future for our youths. Donít let outsiders continue to keep us divided they will never do what is best for us as people. Let us extend what is left of our culture to the rest of the Miskito coast and involve every one in the struggle. It is time now for us to creolize the mestizo population and invite them to learn our customs and language. Bluefields cannot survive on her own yet without Bluefields there is no progress for the Coast. Limiting our vision as far as we can see is not far enough. Where will we be in another hundred years?

As a people we are very young in age not to mention falling behind in progress. Our town will only be one hundred years young in 2003. Donít be hard on yourselves my people because of Nicaragua and her politricks we owe them nothing. Their distortion has us where we are today in this gutter but that is not reason enough to be consumed by history. Considering what we have been through as a people we must realize that we are still here. Our presence alone is enough reason for preservation. We need not speak of unity my people for we are already united. Coming from the same location on earth is all the unity we need to do what is right for our future. We all as individuals know what is right from wrong because we have been taught. We must not allow people to take advantage of us anymore. Let not anyone feed us with false propaganda about things we should already know. This strategy of divide and conquer has been used now for centuries by churches and governments, to keep poor people poor and confused.

Due to unfavorable financial and political conditions many of our people had to leave our beloved town. Our people are still in exile. Many of us had to leave only with the clothes on our backs. We had to cross many borders and obstacles, risking our very life to survive. We went abroad and in a little time we have established our selves as a people. There are far more of us doing great things than there are of us doing negativity. It is so easy to speak of the negative we see let us reverse this backward past time we so much like to participate in and show the world the good we have to offer. We must not forget the ones who despite it all stayed back and did something. The reality my people is we donít praise ourselves enough with positive pride. Everything we are today is because of where we are coming from. Our discipline and will to live we get from this town that sits below sea level on the Caribbean coast of the country they refer to as Nicaragua. There is nothing wrong with finding the good we know we have and letting the world know we are alive. We must not forget those of us who have to work on the tourist ships for a living, facing daily humiliation. If our children should have to leave and go abroad to make life elsewhere, we will fail them. Let us use the good we know we posses to turn things around. We must praise ourselves as a people for in this we donít have enough.



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