Jackie Robinson

Power Of Love

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Track Listings

But I Am Married
Bamboo Tree
See Me Again
With Another Guy
Together As One
Next To You
If I Show You
You Said You Love Me
First Met You
No Use In Fighting
Turn Me On
Mother Nature
You're My Girl
Hasn't Returned


Jackie Robinson is best known as the lead singer for the 60's group known as the Pioneers. Some of their famous hits include: "Long Shot Kick De Bucket", "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah", "Feeling High", "Time Hard" and starvation", Just to name a few. With the group, he toured the world including countries within Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and North America. The Pioneers most recent performances include Skafest in Potsdam, Germany (1998), the Sierra Nevada Festival in California (2001) and a mini tour in Holland and Germany (2002). Earlier this year, Trojan Records released the "Pioneers Anthology: 1966-1986" which features all of thier greatest hits. In 1973-74 Jackie launched a solo career and released a reggae version fo the Chilites hit "Homely Girl" also covered by UB 40 who gave credit to Jackie's version and Percy Sledge's  "Warm  and Tender Love" which were big selling hits on the reggae charts in England. Under the Real Grande label, he released "Santa Ain't Coming to Brixton" and his own production "First Choice". In 1985 he was also part of two projects in aid of the Ethiopian Famine Appeal. The British Reggae Artiste rendition of "Lets Make Africa Green Again" and the UB 40, Madness Specials and The Beat collaboration on a Pioneers song, "Stavation" In 1998 he entered the Jamaica Festival Song competition with "Out of Many One People" Jackie relocated to the USA in 1989 and continued to pursue his career in the South Florida region. Between 1993-95 he released the following songs on the F & D label: "Julie On My Mind", "Don't Get Hooked On Me", "In The Rain", "Forgot To Be Your Lover" and "Don't You Need Me". In December 1999 Jackie performed with Eddie Grant in Trinidad and Tobago. Jackie can be heard performing the track "Don't Do The Crime" on the Fathers Album by UB 40. On his most recent European tour, Jackie and Bill Campbell collaborated and recorded this album. "Power of Love" for your enjoyment.



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